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Name Course Code Subject Area
ARTH003: Elements of Drawing 01ARTH003 Visual and Performing Arts
ARTH005: Digital and Film Photography 01ARTH005 Visual and Performing Arts
ARTH015: Appreciating Art 01ARTH015 Visual and Performing Arts
ARTH017: Exploring Visual Design 01ARTH017 Visual and Performing Arts
ARTH019: Introduction to Film Studies 01ARTH019 Visual and Performing Arts
BUSH031: Winning in the Workplace 01BUSH031 Career and Technical Education
BUSH033: Personal Finance and Economics 01BUSH033 Career and Technical Education
BUSH035: Economics 01BUSH035 Career and Technical Education
BUSH037: Entrepreneurship 01BUSH037 Career and Technical Education
BUSH038: Office Practices 01BUSH038 Career and Technical Education
BUSH039: Ethics in the Workplace 01BUSH039 Career and Technical Education
BUSH043: Business Communications 01BUSH043 Career and Technical Education
CHIN001: First Year Chinese 01CHIN001 World Languages
CHIN002: Second Year Chinese 01CHIN002 World Languages
CPLH003: Career Planning: Learning, Earning, and Living Skills 01CPLH003 Career and Technical Education
DRVH001: Introduction to Driving 01DRVH001 Career and Technical Education
ENGH001: Basic Grammar 01ENGH001 English and Language Arts
ENGH002: Intermediate Grammar 01ENGH002 English and Language Arts
ENGH005: Effective Reader Skills 01ENGH005 English and Language Arts
ENGH011: American Literature Studies 01ENGH011 English and Language Arts
ENGH015: Multicultural Literature 01ENGH015 English and Language Arts
ENGH019: Short Stories 01ENGH019 English and Language Arts
ENGH023: Basic Expository Writing 01ENGH023 English and Language Arts
ENGH025: Writing for Success 01ENGH025 English and Language Arts
ENGH031: Ninth Grade English 1: Introduction to Language Arts 01ENGH031 English and Language Arts
ENGH032: Ninth Grade English 2: Literature, Grammar & Composition 01ENGH032 English and Language Arts
ENGH035: Tenth Grade English 1: Intermediate Language Arts 01ENGH035 English and Language Arts
ENGH036: Tenth Grade English 2: Intermediate Literature, Grammar & Composition 01ENGH036 English and Language Arts
ENGH039: Eleventh Grade English 1: Early American Literature 01ENGH039 English and Language Arts
ENGH040: Eleventh Grade English 2: Modern American Literature 01ENGH040 English and Language Arts
ENGH043: Twelfth Grade English 1: Early British Literature 01ENGH043 English and Language Arts
ENGH044: Twelfth Grade English 2: Modern British Literature 01ENGH044 English and Language Arts
ENGH047: Effective Speech Communication 01ENGH047 English and Language Arts
ENGH071: Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition 1 01ENGH071 English and Language Arts
ENGH072: Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition 2 01ENGH072 English and Language Arts
FCSH001: Everyday Etiquette 01FCSH001 Career and Technical Education
FREH001: First Year French 01FREH001 World Languages
FREH002: Second Year French 01FREH002 World Languages
FREH003: Third Year French 01FREH003 World Languages
FREH004: Fourth Year French 01FREH004 World Languages
FREH071: AP French Language and Culture 01FREH071 World Languages
FREH099: French Placement Test 01FREH099 Placement Tests
GERM001: First Year German 01GERM001 World Languages
GERM002: Second Year German 01GERM002 World Languages
HLTH001: Health and Wellness 01HLTH001 Health and Physical Education
HLTH025: Introduction to Health Care 01HLTH025 Health and Physical Education
HLTH033: Science of Fitness 01HLTH033 Health and Physical Education
LATH001: First Year Latin 01LATH001 World Languages
LATH002: Second Year Latin 01LATH002 World Languages
LATH099: Latin Placement Test 01LATH099 Placement Tests
MTHH001: Basic Mathematics 1 01MTHH001 Mathematics
MTHH002: Basic Mathematics 2 01MTHH002 Mathematics
MTHH005: General Mathematics 1 01MTHH005 Mathematics
MTHH006: General Mathematics 2 01MTHH006 Mathematics
MTHH009: Business Math 1 01MTHH009 Mathematics
MTHH010: Business Math 2 01MTHH010 Mathematics
MTHH021: Pre-Algebra 1 01MTHH021 Mathematics
MTHH022: Pre-Algebra 2 01MTHH022 Mathematics
MTHH031: First Year Algebra 1 01MTHH031 Mathematics
MTHH032: First Year Algebra 2 01MTHH032 Mathematics
MTHH035: Geometry 1 01MTHH035 Mathematics
MTHH036: Geometry 2 01MTHH036 Mathematics
MTHH039: Second Year Algebra 1 01MTHH039 Mathematics
MTHH040: Second Year Algebra 2 01MTHH040 Mathematics
MTHH041: Introduction to Statistics 01MTHH041 Mathematics
MTHH043: Precalculus: Analytic Geometry and Algebra 01MTHH043 Mathematics
MTHH044: Precalculus: Trigonometry 01MTHH044 Mathematics
MTHH047: Financial Algebra 01MTHH047 Mathematics
MTHH071: AP Calculus AB 1 01MTHH071 Mathematics
MTHH072: AP Calculus AB 2 01MTHH072 Mathematics
MTHH097: Algebra Placement Test 01MTHH097 Placement Tests
MTHH098: Geometry Placement Test 01MTHH098 Placement Tests
MUSH001: Beginning Piano 1 01MUSH001 Visual and Performing Arts
MUSH002: Beginning Piano 2 01MUSH002 Visual and Performing Arts
MUSH005: Discovering Music 01MUSH005 Visual and Performing Arts
MUSH031: Music Theory 01MUSH031 Visual and Performing Arts
SCIH011: The Science of Health 01SCIH011 Natural Sciences
SCIH012: The Science of Nutrition 01SCIH012 Natural Sciences
SCIH021: Physical and Earth Sciences 1 01SCIH021 Natural Sciences
SCIH022: Physical and Earth Sciences 2 01SCIH022 Natural Sciences
SCIH025: Biology 1 01SCIH025 Natural Sciences
SCIH026: Biology 2 01SCIH026 Natural Sciences
SCIH031: Chemistry 1 01SCIH031 Natural Sciences
SCIH032: Chemistry 2 01SCIH032 Natural Sciences
SCIH035: Physics 1 01SCIH035 Natural Sciences
SCIH036: Physics 2 01SCIH036 Natural Sciences
SCIH039: Ocean Biology 01SCIH039 Natural Sciences
SCIH043: Astronomy 01SCIH043 Natural Sciences
SCIH045: Anatomy and Physiology 01SCIH045 Natural Sciences
SCIH073: AP Environmental Science 01SCIH073 Natural Sciences
SPNH001: First Year Spanish 01SPNH001 World Languages
SPNH002: Second Year Spanish 01SPNH002 World Languages
SPNH003: Third Year Spanish 01SPNH003 World Languages
SPNH004: Fourth Year Spanish 01SPNH004 World Languages
SPNH099: Spanish Placement Test 01SPNH099 Placement Tests
SSTH001: Civics 01SSTH001 Social Studies
SSTH003: Sociology 01SSTH003 Social Studies
SSTH007: Psychology 01SSTH007 Social Studies
SSTH021: World Geography 1 01SSTH021 Social Studies
SSTH022: World Geography 2 01SSTH022 Social Studies
SSTH031: World History 1 01SSTH031 Social Studies
SSTH032: World History 2 01SSTH032 Social Studies
SSTH033: American History 1 01SSTH033 Social Studies
SSTH034: American History 2 01SSTH034 Social Studies
SSTH037: American Government: Theories, Policies, and Politics 01SSTH037 Social Studies
SSTH038: American Government: National Level 01SSTH038 Social Studies
SSTH043: International Relations 01SSTH043 Social Studies
SSTH053: World Cultures 1: Western Hemisphere and Europe 01SSTH053 Social Studies
SSTH054: World Cultures 2: Africa and the Eastern Hemisphere 01SSTH054 Social Studies
SSTH071: Advanced Placement U.S. History 1 01SSTH071 Social Studies
SSTH072: Advanced Placement U.S. History 2 01SSTH072 Social Studies
SSTH073: Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics 01SSTH073 Social Studies
SSTH098: Citizenship 101 01SSTH098 Social Studies
STSH001: Study Skills 01STSH001 Career and Technical Education
TECH003: Introduction to Technology 01TECH003 Career and Technical Education
TECH019: Pre-Engineering 01TECH019 Career and Technical Education
TECH025: Introduction to Web Design 01TECH025 Career and Technical Education
TECH071: Advanced Placement Computer Science A 1 01TECH071 Career and Technical Education
TECH072: Advanced Placement Computer Science A 2 01TECH072 Career and Technical Education

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