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GERM001: First Year German

Credits: 1 units/10 hours
6 Evaluations, 6 Projects, 3 Progress Tests
7 Teacher Connects

NCAA Approved
UC a-g Approved

This First Year German course is an elementary German course that will introduce the student to the German language using both written and oral communication modes. Students will explore German culture, geography, literature, telling time, and math as they learn the necessary vocabulary and rules of grammar they will need to communicate effectively in German. This course covers the basics of German language including the present tense verbs, nouns and pronouns as subjects and objects, plurals, the future tense, negation, and the dative case. This course is available only online as there are many audio and video files incorporated in the learning. Students will be required to record their own conversations and submit these to their teacher for evaluation as part of their assignments.

Course Materials
Required Textbooks:
Deutsch Aktuell Level 1, 7th Edition (ISBN: 9780821980767)
Deutsch Aktuell Level 1 Workbook (ISBN: 9780821980781)

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