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MTHH039: Second Year Algebra 1

Credits: 0.5 units/5 hours
7 Evaluations, 2 Projects, 3 Progress Tests
7 Teacher Connects

NCAA Approved
UC a-g Approved

Second Year Algebra 1 is the first semester in a two-semester sequence of Second Year Algebra. It builds and expands on the concepts and tools learned in earlier algebra and geometry courses to evaluate and graph functions and equations with two or more variables, differentiate between expressions, equations, inequalities, and absolute values, use the quadratic formula to write and solve quadratic equations and functions, solve radical functions, and work with matrices. A graphing calculator is required for this course.

PREREQUISITES: First Year Algebra

Course Materials

TI83+ (or similar) Graphing Calculator

Second Year Algebra 1 MTHH039059 (printed course content)

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