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FREH071: Advanced Placement® French Language and Culture

Credits: 1 units/10 hours
6 Evaluations, 6 Projects, 3 Progress Tests
12 Teacher Connects

NCAA Approved
AP Course
UC a-g Approved
Dual Enrollment

AP® French Language and Culture is the level 5 course in the French curriculum. In this course, students will use appropriate grammar and vocabulary as they engage in meaningful spoken and written interpersonal communications and analyze and synthesize information from a variety of authentic audio, visual, and written sources. Students will present spoken and written communications as they demonstrate their understanding of French-speaking cultures and themes in the areas of global challenges, families and communities, contemporary life, science and technology, beauty and aesthetics, and personal and public identities. All activities in this course are carried out in French. Although supplemental print materials are available for this course, access to the online course is required for course completion. Students will need access to audio recording software to complete this course. Students will make and submit audio recordings as part of their required assignments. There is no mail submission option for this course.

PREREQUISITES: For successful course completion, students should have completed the equivalent of 4 years of high school French prior to enrolling in this course.

Course Materials
Allons au-delá (ISBN: 9780133179538)
AP French: Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination (ISBN: 9780133175370)
Course Superieur de Francais (workbook) (ISBN: 9780877204626)

French/English–English/French dictionary (any edition)
AP French Language and Culture FREH071055 (printed course content)

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