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FREH003: Third Year French

Credits: 1 units/10 hours
4 Evaluations, 3 Projects, 3 Progress Tests
9 Teacher Connects

NCAA Approved
UC a-g Approved

In this course, students take an imaginary tour of Paris and examine the United States from this vantage. After reviewing the grammar and rules presented in First and Second Year French, students study indirect objects; emphatic, interrogative and reflexive pronouns; and verbs in the reflexive voice, the imperfect tense and the conditional mood. Students continue to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Audio files are embedded in the online course and are available on an Audio CD for offline use.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: If students are to succeed, it is important that they be enrolled at the appropriate level. Therefore, students who have not been enrolled in our program and who want to enroll in French at this level are encouraged to take a placement test. Placement tests are available for online enrollment and submission.

Course Materials

Textbook: English Grammar for Students of French (ISBN: 9780934034425)
French English/ English French Dictionary (any edition)

FREH003 Audio CD (Audio CDs are only required if student does not have access to online course. Note: Some cd players may not support the playing of audio cds)
Third Year French (2 volumes) FREH003060 (printed course content)

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