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ENGH035: Tenth Grade English 1: Intermediate Language Arts

Credits: 0.5 units/5 hours
5 Evaluations, 3 Projects, 3 Progress Tests
5 Teacher Connects

NCAA Approved
UC a-g Approved

Students continue to develop their skills in the three aspects of language arts. In the literature segments of the course, students read short stories, poetry, drama and tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In the grammar and composition lessons, students study the parts of speech, basic parts and characteristics of sentences, capitalization and punctuation, research skills and the step-by-step development of a paper.

Course Materials

Into Literature, Grade 10 (ISBN: 9781328474810)

MLA Handbook, 8th Edition (ISBN 9781603292627) or 9th Edition (ISBN 9781603293518)

*This handbook is available in both print and online formats.
The MLA Handbook is a required work for both semesters of Ninth Grade English and both semesters of Tenth Grade English.

by Sophocles (any unabridged edition)

10th Grade English 1 ENGH035061 (printed course content)

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