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SSTH098: Citizenship 101

Credits: 0 units/0 hours
1 Evaluation, No Projects, No Progress Tests,

In this no-cost, NON-CREDIT, short course we will explore immigration to the United States, the citizenship process, and the foundations of the U.S. government in preparation for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services civics test that is given as part of the naturalization interview. We will discuss the history of immigration, immigration laws, naturalization, the requirements for United States citizenship, the duties, responsibilities, rights, and liberties of U.S. citizens, the branches of U.S. government, and the rights of the states.This short , non-credit course is only available online. There is no fee for this course, and there is no credit awarded for completion. There are no additional materials required beyond the .pdf documents which can be downloaded through the course.

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