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UNHS Office Moving to 1500 U St, Ste 200, Lincoln, Neb.

UNHS is moving to a new location on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Campus. The move is scheduled to begin near the end of February and will be completed in early March. UNHS office staff will be unavailable from 1:00-5:00 p.m. Central time on Feb. 16, 2024, to prepare for this move. These staff members will begin working remotely Feb. 19, 2024, and will return to their offices on March 4, 2024. Read more about the move!


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Name Course Code Subject Area
FREH099: French Placement Test 01FREH099 Placement Tests
LATH099: Latin Placement Test 01LATH099 Placement Tests
MTHH097: First Year Algebra Placement Test 01MTHH097 Placement Tests
MTHH098: Geometry Placement Test 01MTHH098 Placement Tests
MTHH099: Second Year Algebra Placement Test 01MTHH099 Placement Tests
SPNH099: Spanish Placement Test 01SPNH099 Placement Tests

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